Who We Are

In the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan lies the Baltoro Glacier, one of the largest mountain glaciers on Earth. It is a significant source of water to the Indus River, which flows across the Indus Basin and is an important source of life to the region that has sustained life for thousands of years, serving as the proverbial backbone to a nation of 200 million.

Baltoro Capital seeks to continue serving this purpose by supporting the growth aspirations of dynamic entrepreneurs, innovative businesses and forward looking family offices in one of the fastest growing emerging markets in South Asia.

Baltoro Capital is a Pakistan focused private equity firm, trusted to manage funds by some of the most prestigious institutions, including one of the largest banks of Pakistan. Baltoro Capital achieved a ~USD 50 million first close of its first fund, Baltoro Growth Fund, and is actively deploying these funds in businesses positioned to achieve extraordinary growth.

Our investors’ interests drive Baltoro Capital in its pursuit of achieving extraordinary returns. We strive to be the catalyst for growth for our investors and seek to continually exceed their expectations. With an eye on promising business models and dynamic management teams, Baltoro seeks to come in with a full array of modern strategic, tactical, and financial tools to enable its investee companies to come out on top in competitive industries.

We strongly believe that a good investment yields both a superior return and a social impact, and we continually seek to maintain a status of not only intelligent investors, but also the status of responsible investors.