Mission & Values


To generate superior returns for its investors by collaborating with successful entrepreneurs that are well-positioned for achieving extraordinary growth while acting as a catalyst for economic and social change in Pakistan.


Do the Right Thing

Baltoro seeks to adhere with the highest globally recognized professional and ethical standards. We believe integrity is the key to successful investing

Catalyst for Growth

We encourage our people to take initiative, be innovative and courageous in the quest for growth

Beyond Profit

We believe a good investment yields both a superior return and a social impact


We train our people to first think like entrepreneurs before thinking like investment professionals, encouraging them to question the accepted wisdom, create new ideas, and develop new approaches to solving problems.

Partnership above Relationship

We believe that our investors, the firm, and our partners make up a single unit, thus, we continually reassess and align their interests

Make the days count

As said by Muhmmad Ali, we view a day without meaningful progress to be a missed opportunity